Southampton University Engineers Rugby is a SUES associate Society. It is one of the oldest teams in the University of Southampton Intramural (IM) Rugby League. The Engineers team was originally founded by Engineering students, but is now formed of players from many faculties. Seasoned player looking for some social rugby? Completely inexperienced but up for trying something new? Engineers Rugby can cater to all!



Training takes place on Wednesdays, and matches are on Sundays (or training if there is no game). The Engineers are a relaxed, social team, and socials are usually held every two weeks.


There are additional tournaments outside of the university that the team can compete in, as well as the annual IM Rugby 7’s Tournament in summer.  Our biggest event of the year is the match against the Engineers Old Boys, a huge game that the team builds up to for the whole season.

If you are at all interested in playing some rugby with the Engineers, you can sign up to our weekly newsletter at, join the Facebook group at, or get in contact with one of the committee members below.




UoS Engineers Rugby COMMITTEE:


President Tom Charter
Captain Ben Huggett
Treasurer Jack Mcloughlin
Secretary Alex Witchell
Social Secretary Samuel Noble


UoS Engineers Rugby TRAINING:

Training: Wednesdays and Sundays @ 2pm, on the Common.

Matches: Sundays @ 12pm or 2pm, at Wide Lane.



UoS Engineers Rugby EVENTS:

First social: BBQ, Wednesday 11th October -

Will be a banger, I'm talking proper sausage fest. We’ll be flipping burgers all day. Let’s get hot and sweaty together.



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